About us

Our company successfully works in the market of audit services since 2005.

Ten years – this is the time during which we worked under the name of Audit Company Zakarpat-Business-Consulting LLC. But the time boldly moves forward and our company goes forward with it to the innovative and bold solutions!

In terms of rebranding in 2016, we not only changed the logo and updated company name – but we have changed ourselves!

Varianta LLC is the brand under which our company continues its development and continuous improvement today, confirming our commitment to do what is important and reach the set goals.

By using our services, you get confidence with the information used for making important decisions, and thus the confidence in all your actions.

In our business activities we follow the principle: “You develop your business, and we take care about its financial safety and transparency.”

In spite of comparatively short period in the audit services market, we can assert that most of big and medium-sized businesses in region are using our services.

Auditing services, services for financial and tax reporting, accounting, consulting, legal support of any transactions in reorganization, and merger have the highest demand in our company.

Since 01.10.2018, the Law of Ukraine “On Auditing of Financial Reporting and Auditing Activities” from December 21 2017 No. 2258-VIII, according to which all the entities entitled to provide auditing services are split into the following categories (3 registers):

1. Auditing companies that are entitled to conduct audits (except mandatory audits and mandatory audits of entities of public interest)

2. Auditing companies entitled to conduct mandatory audit;

3. Auditing companies entitled to conduct mandatory audit of the enterprises of public interest.

Our Company corresponds to all 3 categories (included into the three registers), which enables us to provide any type of auditing services, including the mandatory audits of enterprises of public interest. Relevant entry number in the Auditing Entities registry is 3556.
More detailed information can be found at the official web-site of the Auditing Chamber of Ukraine:

We have partnerships with many audit firms of Ukraine and cooperate with several foreign companies, which gives us flexibly and professional approach in providing our services.

On March 12, 2020, the Varianta LLC signed a network agreement with JPA International S.A. which has committed itself to adhering to the highest standards in the provision of professional services in the field of audit and accounting.

Thus, Varianta LLC belongs to a group of companies that is a member of JPA International – a leading global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. JPA International is a full member of the Forum of Firms (FoF), the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). See more details at the link:

We believe that the key to success in any field is professionalism and continuous development; therefore, we are constantly working to improve quality of our services and are committed to realizing individual solutions with each client, which in turn gives us the opportunity to take full responsibility for our work.

The company policy requires every employee to monitor his or her professional level. We created conditions for learning and improvement of knowledge. Material and technical base provides an opportunity to support high-quality professional level. In addition to internal testing, the level of knowledge is evidenced by certificates of independent professional accounting and auditing organizations.

All the employees of the company are members of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, the full member of International Federation of Accountants.

We organize and actively participate in workshops, conferences and roundtables dedicated to professional topics. We have established close cooperation with educational institutions, in particular Mukachevo State University.

Practical experience allows us to clearly set objectives and to fulfil individual orders of any type and complexity. Employees of our company communicate in English, Hungarian and Slovak languages.

Welcome to our company!