Our services


Varianta LLC carries out audits of financial statements to enhance confidence of owners and other users of financial information. Transparent and reliable information is the basis for making high-quality management decisions. Our company meets all the criteria for carrying out compulsory audits; therefore, in addition to initiative audit we can perform annual compulsory audits of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of NSSMC. We are also ready to provide confidence in correct compilation of financial statements, including income tax, value added tax, tax on personal income, single social payment, and other taxes and fees.


  • Annual financial statements audit
  • Mandatory financial reports audits
  • Mandatory financial reports audits at the enterprises of public interest
  • Overview
  • Other confidence-providing tasks

Financial information verified by our company gives you confidence in management decisions.

The cost of services depends on man-hours spent on tasks related to business industry specifics and business scale.


We provide consultancy to clients in the sphere of corporate, commercial, tax, and labor laws, currency regulation and cash turnover. Varianta LLC employs highly qualified consultants who have professional knowledge of general and specific Ukrainian legislation.

  • Accounting and financial reporting consultancy
  • Consultancy on taxation for businesses and physical entities, selection of optimal tax model
  • Foreign trade, customs procedures, international trade consultancy
  • Consultation on labor law and employment of foreigners
  • Support with transition to IFRS

Our recommendations will help you avoid unnecessary obstacles to business and to save your money.

The cost depends on man-hours spent for job which in its turn depends on complexity of the raised issue.

Transfer pricing

Varianta LLC assists in preparation and implementation of transfer pricing rules, provided for by the legislation of Ukraine. We have considerable experience in the field of transfer pricing documentation that facilitates preparation of transfer pricing processes, reporting on controlled transactions in the assessment of potential risks, automation of internal processes in the area of transfer pricing.


  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation;
  • Preparation of report on controlled operations;
  • Development of transfer pricing policy;
  • Conclusion of pricing agreements with tax authorities of Ukraine.



We help you reduce the risks associated with transfer pricing.


The cost depends on man-hours spent for implementation and cost of access to alternative sources of information (databases) required for the job.


Varianta LLC provides a full range of services in accounting, tax accounting (processing of primary documents, their introduction into the accounting system, and preparation to financial, statistical and tax reporting, submission to their respective users and regulatory authorities). Depth and accounting combination are negotiated in each individual case with definition of the most optimal model.


  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Processing and verification of primary documents
  • Introduction of primary documents into the system
  • Preparation of statistical reports
  • Preparation of income tax statements
  • Preparation of value added tax statements
  • Payroll services
  • Submission of reports to regulatory authorities
  • Restoration of accounting


Outsourcing of accounting services allows you to focus on your business.


The cost depends on man-hours spent for accounting tasks and the physical quantity of primary documents to be processed.

Legal services

We provide legal services in the sphere of corporate, commercial, and labour laws. Our practical experience in various industries allows us to offer a complete solution that can accompany current activities and assist in implementation of strategic decisions for your business.


  • Preparation and changes to statutory documents, registration of legal and physical entities
  • Services of tax disputes resolution
  • Expert conclusions
  • Planning and support of legal entities reorganization (separation, division, joining)
  • Liquidation and transformation, mergers and acquisitions of legal entities
  • Legal assessment of tax and financial implications of contracts
  • Intellectual Property Services


Our services make your business safe and secure.


The cost depends on actual man-hours spent.

IT solutions in accounting

Practical experience in successful implementation and operation of automated systems in management of enterprises in various industries allows us to offer both our own developments, and standardized software products. Experts of Varianta LLC have more than ten years’ experience in deployment of “1C” software that is most common product on Ukrainian market in the field of automation of company accounting. We perform tasks of any complexity related to processing of financial information in electronic form.


  • Selection of optimal software products
  • Selection of necessary hardware
  • Deployment of automated accounting products
  • Development of individual solutions
  • Introduction of managerial accounting and reporting
  • Development of additional reporting forms, documents and accounting registers
  • Support and further maintenance
  • Electronic databases processing


Convenience of IT solutions in accounting will make your business more agile than at your competitors.



The cost depends on actual man-hours spent on deployment of IT solutions and their complexity